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Trend Ceramics

200X400 24AW1 WHITE GLS

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 Tile Thickness 7mm                                                                                               Suggested Grout Colour: 390 Ultra White
Gloss finish
Ceramic                                                                                                                            Non Rectified edges
Easy to clean and maintain
Suitable for use on Walls ONLY

Size – Tiles are displayed as their ‘nominal size’ for simplicity. Eg 300x600mm. The actual tile size may vary slightly from this depending on manufacturer. Eg 297x601mm. Please factor in actual size when figuring out if different tile grout joints or patterns will line up.

We recommend to view all tiles in person at our showroom if possible as colours may vary due to screen resolution. Also more than 1 piece laid out can change the look overall and give a better picture of the desired outcome.