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Trend Ceramics


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Uses Substrates: Concrete Floors: Including cast, in situ and wood floated concrete. New Concrete should be at least 21 days old. The concrete should have adequate surface profile to provide a good mechanical key. Dense concrete, greater than 35Mpa, or smooth concrete should be mechanically roughened to aid in new adhesion.

Fibre Cement Sheets: The boards must be firmly fixed and able to support the new screed and tile bed. Boards must be fixed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Priming is recommended over fibre cement sheets, and the sheet joints should be taped. Westbuild PRO™ Flexible Additive & Fortifier should be added to the gauging liquid (to increase the durability and strength of Screed, use 1 part additive to 2-3 parts water). For more information on suitable substrates or substrates that are not listed above, please contact a WESTBUILD Representative.

Location: Internal and External.

Performance: Residential, commercial and industrial.

Coverage: 20kg of screed mix will cover approximately 1m² at a thickness of 10mm.