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Trend Ceramics


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OxiTreat+™ formulated with latest, cutting edge ActivePlus™ technology, is a Professional Grade, fast acting, concentrated acid cleaner, degreaser and commercial grade disinfectant. Formulated to kill odours, disinfect, sanitise plus remove in ground dirt, remove grout haze, light epoxy grout haze, cement smear, efflorescence, pencil, rust, grime, soap scum, bore water stains, mould & mildew. Helps inhibit mould growth. Ideal for areas that have been neglected or subject to heavy use. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas e.g. hotels, shopping centres, resorts, restaurants, apartments etc Safe for food floor preparation areas.

USE: For acid resistant surfaces includingacid resistant natural stone granite, quartzite, sandstone, slate, etc plus ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, terrazzo, engineered stone and other acid resistant surfac